Angelo Ciao – President and Chief Operations Officer, Founder, Inventor. Over forty years as a Strategic Business Planner, Developer, Inventor, and Entrepreneur with experience in Marketing and Sales in the American (U.S.), Canadian and European markets. Restructured companies, increasing production and profitability. Self-employed in Construction and Real Estate Development dating back to his residency in Italy, always focusing on the environment as his main priority. After graduating high school, Mr. Ciao formed a construction and real estate development enterprise in 1976 in Southern Italy. He joined Carbon’s/Golden Malted Co., USA, a multi-million dollar group and sole worldwide leader in the waffle and pancake business industry, as its exclusive European distributor and strategic business planner in 1986. His career with Carbon’s/Golden Malted Co., ultimately led him to the United States, where he became the exclusive Canadian distributor and business developer in 1994. Back in 1991, when Mr. Ciao was still residing in Italy, he invented, designed and built a very innovative and distinctive Trash Compactor, a mechanically complex machine capable of separating semi-liquids from solid disposed items and recycling those non-organic solids in an environment friendly manner. In 1995 he devised, developed and fabricated a Fully Automated Belgian Waffle Machine capable of producing 2,000 plus waffles in 8 hours of working-baking time operated by a single operator. In addition to his original patented process of turning shredded tires into sustainable pre-cast structural elements, granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 1998 and by the Canada CIPO in 2005, Mr. Ciao has conceived and developed new methods of fully recycling used tires and disposable non-organic wastes. In 2008 he designed and fabricated a new Concrete Reinforcing Re-bar System improving the strength of the concrete’s structures employing up to 40% less re-bars. Licenses in 2003 & 2004: 1B, 3B Solid Waste Management Facility Operator License, by the Department of Environmental Quality in the State of Arkansas. Licensed and bonded general contractor in St. Joseph County, Indiana since 2004 to present.