The STREX’ recycling and manufacturing processes doesn’t require any separation of the steel and any other fibers held in the tires. The balanced combination of advanced technologies among engineered selected materials are realized in the outstanding performance to these STREX-products. Although the free-form structures, size, strength and weight can be easily shaped as designed for final applications, the basic pre-cast STREX-panels are sized 4 feet by 8 feet by 4 inches thick. Suitable to manufacture sturdier, energy efficient, and low maintenance constructions, providing overall protective shelter against natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados, even earthquakes of a non-devastating magnitude.The standard green STREX-panels provides a high insulation factor. Panels’ thickness can be easily altered depending on the construction application. The panels are done on the outer part in concrete-stucco finishing. A custom made type of panel finishing could depend on the style of the building construction and to architectural specifications. The exterior load-bearing walls of a 1,700 square feet construction building utilizes about 40 panels, that can be erected in place by 2 workmen in 2 working days. Pricing a single STREX-panel at about $ 240.00, the cost comparisons for all the pre-cast STREX-panels that will be utilized is summed in about $ 9,600.00 plus the labor cost of about $ 1,200.00 for a total estimated cost of approximately $ 10,800.00 or $ 6.35 per square foot. Comparing to a same size construction built in a traditional “stick-built” style (complete of all the materials: studs, insulation, sheet-rocks, framed walls, exterior siding, etc.) which is requiring at least 2 full working-weeks of time, employing 2 or more workers for a total cost including material and labor of about $ 26,000.00 or $ 15.29 per square foot, depending by location.In the building construction STREX-panels are secured to the foundation and firmly locked in position. The conventional “stick-built” building cannot provide the same construction’s features as our pre-cast STREX-panels. The STREX-structures are durable, stronger and secure. Safe dwellings against natural disasters. More economical: STREX-panel system will generate a saving up to about 60% less comparing to the conventional “stick-built” constructions.Moreover, the advanced shapes of tetrapod/s and retaining pipe-ring by STREX-structures employed in artificial reef and wave-breaker systems for marine and coastal erosions improve the coastal protection and underwater restoration. Those marine STREX-structures are studied ways to better provide flow of fresher water to the targeted “bay-area” to be protected, voiding the stagnating water’ effect, while preventing over flowing and causing damage to the same reef structures. These are reducing sinking and settling problems in sea bottoms and wetlands, providing a superior protection of  shoreline and ports subjected to the most severe sea-storms, and also constitute an excellent system of sand-nourishing, which is an extremely important factor in the safeguarding of coastal habitations and for the development of the bathing belts.