STREX manufacturing eco-friendly process is the sustainable technology that turns shredded automotive tires into structural elements, pre-cast stress panels and insulated pre-cast free-form structures that can be used in all areas of residential, industrial and special purpose constructions.

STREX-product/s are a highly concrete derivatives, comparable to any conventional construction material or compound.

This innovative engineered STREX-technology uses rubber fragments from shredded tires as its major component. The mixing ratio of up to 75% by volume of shredded tires in the whole composite’s mixture gives these pre-cast elements an insulation factor higher than the insulated lumber or concrete commercial walls that are currently being employed. The compression strength of these STREX-materials highlights how hard is to break trough those walls, and assure a ‘bullet proof’ standard against unwelcome guests.

The lower specific weight allows for easier transportation and offers more manageability and performance for wide spread utilization in all the sectors of commercial and residential areas. The lighter weight property provides excellent results in the utilization of these materials for marine construction of artificial reef barrier systems, reducing sinking and setting problems in sea bottoms and wetlands.

These multifaceted, strong and inexpensive structures can easily be integrated into manufactured buildings, swimming pools panels and fencing systems; military homeland security components and safety rooms for its bulletproof factor; sound barrier panels and partition walls in road-dividers for its sound absorbable/reflective properties, and any other building structures, such as seawalls and coastal protectors. This structural compound material has high insulation value as well as flame-retardant and water repelling properties. Its lower comparable weight can be up to 45% less as compared to competitive materials in same uses, and yet cost up to about 60% less while providing the same structural integrity.

STREX-product/s, when put through rigorous industrial laboratory testing, provides superior technological qualities compared to conventional materials, even concrete.

Comparison Technical Data Information :

_Material                 _Weight for cubic foot         Specific Gravity 

–  Limestone                             163  lbs                           2.61

–  Concrete                                149  lbs                           2.38

–  STREXproducts                    115  lbs                           1.84


  • Arch and beam structures
  • Basement walls
  • Barricade wall systems
  • Bumps for roads speeding control
  • Benches and tables for outdoor living
  • Canals and pipes for underground and irrigation systems
  • Canine and swine shelters
  • Columns and construction blocks
  • Docks and piers for shallow water
  • Fencing systems
  • Fountains
  • Garden shed and commercial storage units
  • Horse stalls
  • Landscaping tile-blocks, interlocked retainer blocks and slabs
  • Mail boxes
  • Military sentry boxes and homeland security components
  • Niches (boxes multi-floors) for cemeteries
  • Parapets & railings
  • Parking car stoppers
  • Partitions road walls
  • Planters for small trees and decorations
  • Post & sign holders
  • Pre-cast stress panels for residential and industrial construction buildings
  • Ramps & stairs
  • Retainer wall systems
  • Retainer pipes for marine and coastal erosions
  • Safety rooms
  • Septic tanks
  • Sound barrier panel systems
  • Swimming pool panel systems
  • Trash can holders for public areas and parks
  • Tetrapods employed in artificial reef barrier and breakwater systems
  • Underground dwelling for emergency shelters